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Chase Limousines was started by the owner Damien in 2017, but the roots he had in the transport industry and the emotional ties were established long before.

In 1985 Damien’s father owned taxis and had a passion for creating a family business that could look after and involve his whole family. As the eldest brother of 9 siblings, Damien and his dad spent many an hour talking about the industry and what was most important to them – family. His father was always passionate about Damien getting involved, and when he passed away at the end of 2016 the idea became a real project. Just 6 months later, Damien bought his first limousine and sat down with his son who was 4 years old at the time. Just like his dad before him, he wanted his son to grow up with an understanding of business and an involvement in a family enterprise.

With his son in mind, Damien put the question of naming the business to his very young son who a great fan of the show Paw Patrol, who decided to name the company Chase. He also named his towing business Rubble Towing after the very same show. While his wife was initially dubious about the idea of going into the limousine business, she supported Damien’s passions and it has now become what it is today – paid off in spades!

Now with a fleet of more than 3 Limousines, Stretch Hummers, Chrysler and other luxury transport cars, Chase Limousines has become the business that Damien wanted for his family. Ever growing and willing to take risks on new ideas, his innovation has kept the business growing and pushing itself to new heights and in new directions. The top part about Chase Limousines for Damien is being able to build a business with his family, create a future for his kids and to live the lifestyle he always wanted for them. 

Our Company

The Chase Limousines team stands out from competitors because it really doesn’t have any. No one else is matching the variety of vehicles, services or custom requirements that they offer to their customers – especially across such a large range of service locations

Deciding to ignore what any competitors were doing, Damien focused hard on being the best that he could be without measuring himself against anyone else. Feeling as though imitation or observation of others could end up causing him to set the bar too low, he decided on his own goals and reached as high as he could. Years later this work ethic and philosophy has paid off, and Chase Limousines is a company that certainly stands apart from the rest on their service and commitment to their customers

About Chase Limousines - Newcastle & Hunter Valley Transport
Chase limousines isn’t just blowing it out of the water locally – they have some of the biggest range of service offerings and choice across New South Wales. With a genuine love of their customers, their people-centric attitude has fostered an environment where people love travelling with Chase Limousines – and the Chase Limousines team love interacting with and driving their customers around. The best companies create a feedback loop of love with their customers and staff, and Chase Limousines has managed to nail it through attention to detail and an authentic desire to connect with those around them.
Luxurious Transport - Chase Limousines

Sporting Event or Concert Transport in Newcastle or Hunter Valley

Whether it’s Concert Transport in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley or Sydney, we can provide transport for any Event at all.

We also have Mini Buses and Hire Car in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley