Limousine Party Planning Pointers and Tips

A party unlike any other

Everybody knows that partying in a limo is the ultimate party experience. Are you thinking of hosting a party in a limo? There are so many celebrations that a limo can suit, such as a wedding, a Hen’s or Buck’s night, a birthday, a kid’s party, prom night, or a corporate event or celebration:

Wedding Limousine

Those who have chosen a more intimate Wedding can party in a limo right after the formal ceremony, or take the wedding party with them to the event, or just arrive at the honeymoon destination in style.

Hens Night Limo/ Bucks Night Limo

Arrive in maximum comfort and in the best party mood for the groom-to-be or bride-to-be’s last hurrah as they get ready for married life. Ideal for planning with close friends, family, or members of the wedding entourage.

Birthday Limousine

Celebrate your life’s milestones! Coming of age parties, in particular, are meant to be celebrated in style. But what about your 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and beyond?

Kid’s Party Limo

Kid’s Party limousines are great for parents who want to give their children a memorable luxurious childhood treat with their family and friends around them and it serves as a quick break for parents to have some free time while their kids enjoy the unique experience of a limousine. The whole class will be talking about it for months afterwards!

Prom Night Limousine

When we finish school it’s a big deal and so is hiring a limo. For teenagers who want to cherish their prom night, limousines can be the perfect ride and, as a bonus, the Prom limo can also become the place for an after-party experience.

Corporate Party Limos

Hiring a corporate limousine can be the perfect team bonding treat to end a hectic work period or to round off a conference. Renting party limousines is a unique experience to have an enjoyable, special or, even a wild, weekend.

Limousine Party Planning Pointers and Tips

Planning an Unforgettable Limousine Party

For many first-time party planners, this type of celebration can be a handful as several preparations must be ready ahead of time. There will be endless decision-making options for the hosts to ensure that the party will be one for the books of their guests.

For those interested in hosting a party on a limousine, here are seven ways to help you plan a memorable and stress-free limousine party:

  • Plan ahead of time
  • List the guests
  • Identify the theme
  • Decide on food and drinks
  • List the on-board activities
  • Identify the party route
  • Provide a music playlist
Plan Ahead of Time

1. Plan Ahead of Time

For plans like these, time is precious. Save your time and energy by making a checklist of the things you need to do and when you need them.

  • When will the event be held?
  • Who will be invited?
  • What do you need to buy or rent for the big day?
  • What will the weather conditions be like?
  • What limo type will you select?

Available guests can already be determined in this stage and help anticipate or lessen issues. An organised plan can make a world of difference in planning a special event for loved ones. The next easy thing to do once you’ve determined the date is to call the perfect limo company, Chase Limousines, on 0499 699 433 and let them know the type of vehicle you’re looking for. they’ll let you know the availability straight away and that will make it one less thing for the host to worry about.

List the Guests

2. List the Guests

A party wouldn’t be possible without the guests! Remember that limousines can only accommodate a limited number of passengers. For example, a standard limousine can accommodate around 8 passengers, while stretch limos such as Chryslers and Hummers can accommodate 12-16 passengers. Knowing the number of guests will also allow the host to select the limo type appropriate for the party.

Identify the Limo Party Theme

3. Identify the Limo Party Theme

Make the party more memorable by including a theme for it. This is especially true for Hen’s or Buck’s nights, kids’ and corporate parties. Some ideas for Hen’s night might be a bikini party, celebrity look-alike party, or red-carpet party, the choice is endless, once you get those creative juices flowing.

Blokes on a Buck’s night could dress up like cowboys, ballers, or dapper old gents maybe. Meanwhile, kids can dress up in their favourite superhero costumes, fairy tale princesses, or formal dresses or suits.

Decide on Food and Drinks

4. Decide on Food and Drinks

Food and drink are two of the host’s most important considerations. It’s likely that you only need snacks onboard instead of full-blown entrées, but the drinks – that’s a different matter. Whether you’re looking to drink wine, cocktails or mocktails, or just some sodas, there should be enough to keep guests from going thirsty.

Some limousine rentals can be flexible to allow their clients to consume light snacks and chips throughout the ride. Just make sure to brief your guests on the etiquettes of partying on limousines and always to exercise due care.

List the On-Board Activities

5. List the On-Board Activities

Make the party even more exciting and interactive by holding some games. You can come up with interactive and light drinking games. You can even sing along if the limousine has the equipment for it. Limos equipped with big-screen TV can prompt the passengers to turn their party into a social night on the road.

Identify the Party Route

6. Identify the Party Route

Partying on a limousine also offers guests the thrilling experience of having fun while sightseeing. They probably haven’t been to a particular side of the town. So, consider a strategic party route to make the party truly enjoyable inside and outside the vehicle. Also bear in mind how long you wish to be in your luxury limo for.

Australia’s Hunter Region has a vibrant nightlife. Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, and Pokolbin have local pubs and clubs to show off. Some limousine rentals may even allow passengers to do a quick stop in one or two clubs for an extra twist.

Possibly Provide a Playlist

7. Possibly Provide a Playlist

Although most limousines already offer great, relevant music, you can still bring your own playlist for the night. Does your group like 80s or 90s pop? Are you looking for a more chill night with mellow songs playing in the background? Do you want to blast out some 2000s metal or Emo? Are your potential guests into electronic dance music? Let your limousine ride provider know if you prefer a type of music or would like to bring your music.

Plan a Limousine Party with Chase Limousines

If you are interested in hosting your limousine party, why not plan it with Chase Limousines? Level up your partying experience with a luxurious ride around Sydney and the Hunter region. Our staff will be more than happy to help you plan your next memorable party in the Hunter Region. 

Our range of limousines from standard and stretch types should help you determine how many guests to invite and your chauffeur driver can also give you some local insider tips to make your party worthwhile, if you would like some inspiration.

Click here to check out our fleet today via our website or call us on 0499 699 433 for enquiries. You can also email us at and we are on hand to assist you in hosting your best limousine yet.